Curriculum Overview

  Courses in the curricula include innovative investigative laboratories, emphasizing active learning and technology. The curriculum also includes significant writing and research components, preparing students for their professions in the 21st century. 

  JU biology and Marine Science majors start with an introductory Ecology and Evolution course and  introductory Marine Science course, respectively‚Äč, and then both majors are required to take the remaining core sequence of courses that include Botany, Zoology, Introduction to Cellular, Genetic & Molecular Biology, and Oral Communication in the Biological Sciences. Students must also complete 2 years of chemistry (General and Organic), a year of physics, a year of math (Calculus I and above) and the senior seminar. The remaining degree requirements are different for the 2 majors (Biology and Marine Science), however, both must also complete the general education University core.

  Biology students must take a minimum of 24 credit hours of upper division biology and/or marine science across three divisions of biological sciences: organismal, ecological and cellular/molecular.

  Students who plan to pursue a major in biology should take science and mathematics courses in high school; e.g., mathematics through trigonometry, as well as biology, chemistry and physics.

Biology and Marine Science major check sheets (download appropriate catalog year)

4-Year Plans

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