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​​​The Brooks Rehabilitation College of Healthcare Sciences is now offering an MSN Informatics Specialization. ​In addition to the MSN cognate, students who already hold a Master’s degree in Nursing are also be eligible to enroll in the program as a Certificate pro​gram.

​Students who elect to complete this fo​ur course specialization and capstone will experience a focused curriculum and practicum that are aligned with the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) Informatics Certification. Students will be poised academically to pursue professional employment options in healthcare informatics.

Information about Informatics Certification can be found here.

Admissions & Curriculum

View Admissions and Curriculum requirements for the MSN Informatics Specialization

Admission Instructions

Applications are submitted online. Please direct questions to Ashley Crummedyo at


Teresa MacGregor PhD, ARNP​
Director Graduate Nursing Programs


Ms.Ashley Crummedyo 
Coordinator for Nursing Cohorts​ 
Phone: 904-256-7296