Accelerated MBA

Earn your Master of Business Administration (MBA) in just 1 year of continuous study in a full-time MBA daytime program that builds a foundation of core business knowledge, while making development of leadership skills a priority. Be mentored by some of Jacksonville's leading business professi​onals and gain additional hands-on work experience with internships. Leave the program with solid business prowess and portfolio of demonstrated leadership knowledge and skills.

In a cohort-based program of colleagues from around the region and world, teamwork is a way of life in getting things done. You'll be developing your problem solving, decision making and communications skills along the way. With just 35-46 credit hour curriculum (depending on whether a concentration is taken or foundation courses needed) and 12 months of continuous study, you'll get your career started in a high-quality fashion.

Students gain profound and immeasurable knowledge in topics which will be imperative in furthering your career. Faculty members are highly skilled teachers/scholars who make students their highest priority by bringing their expertise into the classroom in practical, hands-on ways. They have created and founded companies, traveled extensively and trained at some of the world's best schools.

Whether students are fresh graduates or career changers, this program provides its students with a unique opportunity to complete their degree in an accelerated time frame.​ This all while having the ability to complete an internship or part-time work while enrolled in courses.​

Concentrations Available

MBA Tier 1 by CEO Magazine