Tailored for Experienced Working Professionals

Move at a pace that makes sense for your busy professional life. The Flex Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program places the experienced professional at the leading-edge of graduate business edu​cation. The curriculum consists of as little as 36 credit hours for a General MBA and 39 credit hours for an MBA with an Accounting/Finance, Management/Accounting, or Management Concentration. Additional foundation course credit hours may be required depending upon your background.

The program draws upon:

  • Cutting-edge courses delivered in intensive 8-week long modules. You attend class one night per week for each course taken, giving students flexible scheduling to complete their degree at their own pace.
  • Classes delivered in a hybrid format including in class interaction with professors and classmates, along with online and out of class assignments.
  • A part time format or a full time accelerated format  (Click here for Accelerated MBA Information).
  • A strong commitment to developing leadership knowledge and skills.
  • Dedicated faculty with the highest academic qualifications.
  • Modern classrooms and technologies located in an inspiring facility on the JU campus.
  • A clear focus on practical and engaging business concepts which put students to work.​

You will gain profound and immeasurable knowledge in topics that you will need. Faculty members are highly skilled teachers/scholars who make you their highest priority b​y bringing their expertise into the classroom in practical, hands-on ways. They have created and founded companies, traveled extensively, and trained at some of the world's best schools.​





Fall 2017


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 Concentrations available

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