Meet the Staff

​MAIN NUMBER: 904-256-7025
FAX NUMBER:   904-256-7608

James V. Williams, Jr., Director of Human Resources
James oversees all the activities performed by the Office of Human Resources, including benefits, recruiting, compensation, employee relations, training, and employee recognition programs.

Renee Smith, Part-Time Human Resources Generalist
Renee, as our part-time H.R. Generalist, plays an important role in assisting the H.R. Director and three full-time Human Resource Generalists. She is available to help answer your questions and/or forward your concerns to your H.R. representative.

Judy Ganyo

E'Lisa Green

Celeste Moneypenny

In the interest of serving JU even better, the Office of Human Resources has been restructured. An H.R. Generalist is assigned to each college/organization at JU. The specific areas below are listed so you will know who your professional H.R. Generalist is. Please note, we are still a team -- if you have a question when your Generalist advisor is out, we are all here to serve you.

Your College and/or Dept. Your HR Generalist
Academic Affairs Admin Celeste Moneypenny
Accelerated Degree Program Celeste Moneypenny
Admissions & Enrollment E'Lisa Green
Alumni Renee Smith            
Athletics Administration & Sports E'Lisa Green
Aviation Celeste Moneypenny
​​Brooks Rehabilitation College of Healthcare Science & Nursing Celeste Moneypenny
Business Celeste Moneypenny
Campus Security Judy Ganyo
College of Arts & Sciences E'Lisa Green
College of Fine Arts Judy Ganyo
Controller's Office Judy Ganyo
Davis College of Business Celeste Moneypenny
Education E'Lisa Green
Enrollment Mgmt. Admin & Research E'Lisa Green
EPIC E'Lisa Green
Financial Affairs Judy Ganyo
Financial Aid E'Lisa Green
Human Resources Judy Ganyo
Humanities E'Lisa Green
Information Technology E'Lisa Green
Library Renee Smith
Marine Science Research Institute Judy Ganyo
Music Judy Ganyo
Orthodontic Academic & Clinic Celeste Moneypenny
President's Office Admin E'Lisa Green
Purchasing/Post Office/Copy Center Judy Ganyo
Registrar's Office E'Lisa Green
Residential Life Judy Ganyo
Science & Math Judy Ganyo
Social Sciences E'Lisa Green
Sodexo Food Service & Physical Plant Renee Smith
St. Johns RiverKeeper Judy Ganyo
Student Activities Judy Ganyo
Student Life & Counseling  Judy Ganyo
Theatre Arts Judy Ganyo
Trio Celeste Moneypenny
University Advancement  Renee Smith
University Marketing & Communications Judy Ganyo
Upward Bound  Renee Smith
Visual Arts Judy Ganyo
Wilma's Little People School E'Lisa Green