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At Jacksonville University, mathematics students know that mathematics is a tool for learning and understanding so much about the world we live in. Here, math is applied. Math goes beyond the numbers. Math is even fun! By participating in a national mathematical modeling contest and by publishing their own irreverent notes in the Math Madness newsletter, JU’s math students explore the most fascinating aspects of this complex field.

Along their journey, JU mathematics students learn from the best. The mathematics faculty includes several award-winning teachers, such as 1999-2000 U.S. Professor of the Year Dr. Marilyn Repsher, recognized for her innovative teaching techniques and research. Students also use the latest in technology resources – calculators, computers and software – to tackle math challenges large and small. Most classes are taught in computerized classrooms and place an emphasis on the application of mathematics to real-world problems.

JU also has excellent opportunities for learning beyond the classroom. Mathematics students often participate in team and individual competitions, in the mathematics club, and in relevant internships and research projects.


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