Graduate Admissions

At Jacksonville University, our focus is on you - the student.​

What does "graduate" mean?

A graduate student is a student who has earned a bachelor's or equivalent degree and is now pursuing an advanced degree in a specialized field of study.

What are you looking for in a university?

Jacksonville University is the dedicated, committed learner’s choice for graduate study. Our full-time faculty are scholars and practitioners in their fields. Their dedication to teaching and student success provides an environment where students gain the critical thinking skills necessary to advance in their chosen careers.​

All of our graduate programs are of a comfortable size that encourage and foster the development of strong communication skills and thoughtful risk taking, which is essential in all organizations in today’s changing world.​

Our graduate programs are specifically designed for the full-time working professionals in both context and convenience. Earning a Master’s Degree is an attainable goal and most importantly – it will be a Master’s Degree that is respected both in the community and nationwide.​

Available Programs

A listing of all our graduate programs is available here.​

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