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The Educational Leadership (EL) concentration provides a graduate degree option for aspiring K-12 administrators seeking Level One certification as recognized by the Florida Department of Education. The Educational Leadership (EL) program concentration is grounded in leadership theories and practical applications.

I researched several Masters in Educational Leadership programs prior to making the decision to attend Jacksonville University. The program curriculum has a very unique design in that it is extremely practical. Each course provided knowledge and experience about being an effective school leader. Furthermore, the courses were taught [in ways that] added additional practical experiences to an already rich curriculum.

Chelvert J. Wellington, Assistant Principal, 2012 EL alum

The Leadership core includes courses in Self-awareness and Interpersonal Development, Organizational Behavior and Change Management, Data-driven Decision-making, Ethical Decision-making, and Leading Instruction. In the leadership core, you’ll gain a clear understanding of the following:

  • what you bring to the leadership relationship;
  • how groups and teams are formed and best function;
  • how people act in organizations and how to manage and guide change efforts;
  • how to leverage and make decisions about technology for organizational growth;
  • how human resource development principles and law operate in tandem; and
  • how to effectively lead instruction.

The EL concentration will empower learners to become effective consumers, examiners, and producers of research. Additionally, forty-five hours of directed practical application opportunities – akin to field experiences, will be taken along with the course modules that comprise the leadership core. The culminating 120- hour internship will be completed during the final semester of the program , and will provide program completers with relevant and real-world contexts to apply learning.

When I think about my experiences in the Educational Leadership program at JU, the first word that comes to mind is "practicality." For every theory or concept learned, my professors gave us an opportunity to see how it is applied in a real-world setting. Because of my experiences at JU, I feel confident and am well-prepared with the tools needed for efficacious leadership in 21st century schools.

Emily Kristansen, 2012 EL alum

The Educational Leadership concentration is state-approved by the Florida Department of Education. The EL concentration is designed for aspiring K-12 administrators interested in pursuing Educational Leadership certification.

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Program of Study

This concentration is for aspiring K-12 Assistant Principals or administrators seeking Level I Certification as recognized by the Florida Department of Education. This concentration requires successful completion of the Florida Educational Leadership Examination (FELE) to complete the degree. Students must show proof of having completed a three credit survey course in ESOL or proof of having completed 60 credits of in-district ESOL training in order to graduate.

Total: 34 credit hours

Required Courses

  • EDU 502: Practical Applications (6)

Core Curriculum

  • EDL 544: Leadership and Learning I: Self-Assessment and Interpersonal Development​ (4)
  • EDL 548: Leadership and Learning II: Organizational Behavior / Change Management​ (4)
  • EDL 549: Leadership and Learning III: Data-driven Decision Making (4)
  • EDL 554: Leadership and Learning IV: Ethical Decision Making (4)
  • EDL 557: Leadership and Learning V: Leading Instruction (6)
  • EDL 543: Educational Research and Evaluation (3)
  • EDL 553: Educational Leadership Practicum (3)